Earth Tag Announcement

Date Announcement Earth Tag Certification Effective Date
20.2.2021 Notice:Update of《地球标章有机标准》Chinese version
Updated content:Chinese translation based on《Earth Tag Organic Standard》EDITION: ET – ORG.STD – 08
Organic 20.2.2021
18.2.2021 Notice:Update of Earth Tag Organic Standard English Version
Updated content:6.6 Inspection and Testing of Agricultural Product to be Sold or Labeled “Organic.” (d)
Organic 18.2.2021
5.10.2020 Notice: Invalid of Organic-In-Conversion Labels
Applicant: KF Wholesales Sdn. Bhd.
Certificate Number: TOC-ET-V00021
Serial Number: OV20-A0000013760-
Organic 5.10.2020
23.9.2020 Notice of Termination
Applicant: Admen Ng
Certificate Number: TOC-ET-V00028
Organic 23.9.2020
23.9.2020 Notice of Termination
Applicant: Sia Organic
Certificate Number: TOC-ET-C00002
Organic 5.12.2020
27.8.2020 Notice of Suspension
Applicant: Natural Green Life Farm
Certificate Number: TOC-ET-V00019
Suspension Period: 3 months/Until Further Notice
Organic 27.8.2020
20.8.2020 Notice of Surrender
Applicant: Lao Wan Loong Orchard Farm
Certificate Number: TOC-ET-C00006
Organic 20.8.2020



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