International Certification

Tse-Xin Organic Certification Corporation

Tse-Xin Organic Certification Corporation is the biggest, most credible leading organisation amongst Taiwan’s 14 organic certification bodies. In the course of its 22 years, it has certified over 560 organic farms.


In 2017, Tse-Xin was officially listed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a non-EU organic product certification body, becoming the only organisation in Taiwan authorised to issue certifications which are compliant with EU and USDA organic regulations. As Asia’s USDA, Tse-Xin also passes the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) and is recognised by official Chinese and European Union (EU Organic) certification institutions.

Tse-Xin Quality Certification Policies

Tse-Xin’s goals are to establish an evaluation system for organic products which is compliant with national and international regulations as well as to raise the standards for certification so that the quality of organic product verification is safeguarded

“Integrity, Impartiality, Strictness”

Participatory Guarantee System

The Participatory Guarantee System primarily emphasises the participation of multi-stakeholders such as producers and consumers, promoting the development of the local community and allowing producers to provide consumers with quality assurance. Today, there are 68 countries and 243 organisations promoting the Participatory Guarantee System.


Earth Tag is the first organisation in Malaysia to make use of the Participatory Guarantee System to certify eco-nurseries. Through a system of transparency as well as the collaborative strength of multiple parties, including peers, professionals, and the public, nurseries are strictly vetted to ensure that no toxic pesticides and herbicides threaten the health and safety of workers, consumers, ecosystems, and the environment.

The Earth Tag Participatory Guarantee System Committee was officially founded in 2018, bringing together government, public, and industry forces in order to strengthen transparency and credibility.


Today, there are over 115 members of the public from different lines of work across Malaysia who are voluntarily participating in the Earth Tag Participatory Guarantee System team. They serve as public auditors, upholding strict standards on the behalf of consumers and working together to protect the natural environment of Malaysia. Following the spread of awareness, the use of toxic pesticides and herbicides has lessened, and ecosystems are blooming on more and more plots of land.


Together we build an Ecologically Sustainable Malaysia.


To promote environmental-friendly Industry, with credible and fair certification system, through community and peer participation with integrity

Together, We Help Malaysia Organic Grow!



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